Weekly workshops calendar and themes

Weekly workshops are open to Sensational Women who have been here for 3 months or more.

If we are still in our first phase of coaching together, concentrate on the work we agree each week. When you go into Month 4, your can start to access weekly group workshops, where we do a worksheet or process 'live' together (or you can do it along with the replay) and you can get extra coaching by raising your hand* on the group Zoom call.

*Please note, if you raise your hand, your coaching will be recorded within the Sensational Eater programme. You allowing yourself to be coached is truly a gift to our community.

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Calendar of weekly group workshops

All Zoom links are on the interactive calendar above - click on each event to go through to the Zoom link needed.

January 2022

GROUNDWORK - Challenge: Drink a glass of water every day when you wake up

Feelgood movement





February 2022


‘Shoulds’ and hardtalk

‘I can’ and your perceived ability to cope

The power of decisions

Choosing weight loss


March 2022

OVERCOMING OBSESSION & ADDICTION – Optional challenge: 30 day sugar break

Sugar as a commodity

Sugar gives me pleasure

Diabetes and pre-diabetes

The ‘F*** it!’ Foods process


April 2022

WEIGHT - Challenge: Weigh yourself every day for a month

Scale drama 

Letting go of the past and starting from the weight you’re at

Losing it as you want to live it

Fat is stored energy

Desiring weight loss


May 2022

PREP YOUR HEAD - Challenge: Plan for 30 days

Different approaches to planning (options, protocols, spoken planning, whiteboard)

Using your planner sensationally

Commitment versus engagement

Visualising yourself doing your plan


June 2022

EMBODY HUNGER & SATISFACTION - Challenge: Habit track your attunement

Waiting for ‘true’ hunger

Noticing satisfied

Pleasure and satisfaction from life

Hunger when your work dictates your schedule


July 2022

OPENING TO EMOTIONS AND URGES - the Urge Jar challenge

Using an Urge Jar

Feeling uncomfortable emotions

Creating helpful feelings

Safety and ‘safe place’ visualisation - Emotional safety


August 2022

NOTE YOUR THOUGHTS - Challenge: Weed one thought a day challenge

Positive evaluation 

Weeding one thought each day

Thoughts versus Situations

When to change a thought

‘Too many thoughts’


September 2022

IMAGINE THE BEST - Visualise daily

Imagination rehearsal


It’s possible

Your intrinsic self-worth


October 2022

EVALUATE POSITIVELY - Challenge: What I did right

Positive reinforcement and the habit loop


What you do right - problem-solving

Growth mindset


November 2022


Fear of setting goals

Who do you want to be? 

Your vision for the next season



December 2022


Planning for the Holidays

Relationships and family - celebrating with your thoughts

Prepping for January

Opportunistic eating

Complete and Continue