What you get inside the Sensational Eater™ programme

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We're going to stop overeating, lose weight, learn to feel our feelings instead of eating them, diminish our binges until we don't even recognise them any more, and get a balanced personalized relationship with junk food and sugar sorted.

Stuff that we can do for life, so that our weight loss and equilibrium is maintainable.

Inside Sensational Eater, you get:

  • Access to the self-study vault in the School of Food Psychology dashboard (you're already in, it's here!). There is new content being updated weekly.
  • Weekly 20 mins of private 1:1 coaching (+20mins hypnotherapy for the first few months) with Laura Lloyd (via my Office Hours using my Calendly link, or via Marco Polo video messaging mobile phone app).
  • A printable planner to use every day, or duplicate the prompts in your own notebook.
  • When you start the PEONIES weight loss & steady eating modules with with me, you're invited to join the weekly workshops on Zoom (join live or you can catch the replays, which become part of the self-study vault). These are group sessions and you can raise your hand for live coaching.
  • After the first 4 months, you'll get 20mins/week self-hypnosis recorded audio in the study vault.

The next few modules talk you through getting set up with all of these things.

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